Astrology solar eclipse january 4

Inventions that have been held back for too long will be made public. Conversations will stimulate even more ideas and insights. The Sun is in a fine aspect to Neptune in Pisces, ushering in high spiritual blessings for all. Natural healing energy is available, if you seek it out. This is a perfect time to receive massage, homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, tapping EFT reflexology, prayer, color or music therapy and other treatments that are not pharmaceutical.

It has helped my digestion. His books come from Spiritual Guidance. He is ahead of the times. January 1 - 4 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Uranus, indicating that relationships need to be redefined. A new romance that starts up now would probably not last very long.

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January 4 — 24 Mercury is now in Capricorn and is seeking to get your attention to think carefully and methodically before making any decisions. Mercury in Capricorn loves to do research and explore and learn before signing up for something. This is a year when scams are prolific. Humor is dry and clever with this position of Mercury.

FATE ALERT! NEW KARMIC LIFE DIRECTION! Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 2019 Astrology Horoscope

This is the time for taking classes at adult ed. The Sun and Moon are in a sextile aspect to Neptune at 14 degrees of Pisces. This brings about options for self-healing and prayers for world harmony. As we see on the news, the jet stream carries the weather across the world. If one country is still polluting, then other countries are impacted. Watch out for scams.

Enlightening Holiday Eclipse

Be super careful this month. Also be careful how you say what you say. Pluto is pretty close to being conjunct the New Moon. Pluto is at 20 degrees of Capricorn. Legal issues dealing with power and greed continue to be in the foreground worldwide as we learn more and more how world leaders have been abusing their positions. For some this is old hat. You will have the wise vision and promising long-term results with the blessings of Jupiter.

All your hard work and dedication will bring success soon. Just make a concrete plan and adhere to it during this transit. The Goat energy is best in your support till Date: December 15, Future occurrence: Fasten the seat belt and get ready to explore new territories! Jupiter, with the expansion energy, will push you to go forward. And Uranus is a revolutionary planet.

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These two celestial bodies will force you to go out of your comfort zone, take risks, and be brave to ride the new path. This transformation may bring new exciting opportunities in your lap. This eclipse will be the association of Jupiter in Capricorn. And it will also be trine to the planet Uranus in the Zodiac Taurus. This brings the perfect year ending! It signals if you plan and work according to cosmic indications you will be on receiving ends by the end of the year. Make sure you work enough to secure your place in this world, and the Universe will give you all you needed in manifolds.

Consider this as a chance to design your best annual plan in sync with all upcoming astrological events. Grab the infinite celestial help to manifest your dream life and allow the planets to work on your growth! Looking for something?

Jupiter square Neptune Date: January 13, June 16, September 21 Future occurrence: Neptune gives illusionary insights, and Jupiter brings expansion energy when its aspects. After 21st September, you should not worry about these misleading energies till 3. Saturn sextile Neptune Dates: January 31, June 18, November 8 Future occurrence: Neptune is idealistic by nature and will give you a blurry view of your future.

Uranus enters Taurus Date: March 6 Taurus loves steady things. Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Date: July 16 Be ready to face the ugly secrets or misbehaviors from your dear ones. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio Dates: October 31 — November 20 Mercury, a planet which influences communication, and Scorpio is a sign which needs a real straightforward relationship. Jupiter enters Capricorn Dates: December 2, — December 20, Jupiter brings expansion energy with it. Jupiter trine Uranus Date: December 15, Future occurrence: Fasten the seat belt and get ready to explore new territories!

Related Post. August 22, August 21, October 7, October 1, Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Who is boss lioness? Absorbing reality, not immediately acting. Major shock.

What the Eclipse Looked Like Near the Maximum Point

Wait in the dark and see. Partial Solar. Air — Trying to plan and strategise, confused logic, friends and groups. Stubborn, restrained emotions. Who wins? Trying to draw conclusions but not seeing the clear full picture. Water — Unbridled, unrestrained emotions. Flowing water dirty then clean. Relationships, moon, motherhood, children, home life being affected. Air — Secrets, subterfuge, spying, dark hidden things, plotting and scheming.

Planning thorough revenge.

January 4 astrology eclipse

Friends and groups. Asserting dominance. Striking out. Strength, kill or be killed. Alpha male. Lion — King of all he surveys. You will see gifts us five eclipses — two fire, two air and one water sign. It forces us to wake up, go down a path and take action at some point. An eclipse shakes us turbulently to the core in order to effect change. Earthquakes sometimes occur around eclipse times. Cancerians will feel lunar eclipses intensely as they are ruled by the Moon whereas Leos will feel solar eclipses intensely because they are ruled by the Sun. In the only solar eclipse in Leo occurs on the 11 th August.

If your birthday occurs on an eclipse or if an eclipse occurs in your sign, you are also likely to feel it more intensely. Leo is about being dominant and in control. The 31 st January lunar eclipse suggests something powerful happens causing great emotion but nothing may be done about it immediately.

Then on 15 th February a solar eclipse occurs causing the male principle to act. There could be a precursor event in January which is then more powerfully dealt with later. Likewise with all eclipses, the solar is more about action whilst the lunar is more about integration of experience. Air sign eclipses such as the eclipse 15 th February in Aquarius are likely to involve the realm of the mind. Aquarius is about innovation, technology, analytical ability, science, practicality and being independent.

Networks, groups and friends may be involved.