Gemini weekly horoscope for december 29 2019

Things to do this week include walks along the beach or the park, taking a drive with your favorite person while listening to a soundtrack that you both love. Spending time reminiscing about the positives in your past and making new memories that last. Cancer, the Moon is in your sign this week and so you're likely to be in touch with your sentimental side. You might feel overtaken to a degree with emotional energy and this can also prompt you to make some dramatic changes.


If you have a lot to catch up on, make this week a staycation period, or just plan your schedule around home life instead of overextending yourself. Things to do this week include chilling out in your favorite clothes and watching Netflix and organizing photo albums. You can also go through your closet and removing old clothes, unfriending an ex that you no longer want to stay in touch with and clearing out anything that makes you sad.

Leo, the Sun in Libra can make you feel like it's time to set the score and bring more balance into your relationships. You might have made sacrifices that you needed to make but now want to address the 'what about me' part of the equation. Things to do this week include chatting about your needs and wants in relationships where things seem to be one-sided.

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Virgo, it's a money season for you. Now with the Sun in Libra things can go one of two ways, you keep what you make or you spend more than you make. It's a good idea and wise to put yourself on a realistic budget and not try to do too much with what you have. Things to do this week include make a budget, go over your credit and financials and if you're planning to buy a house, start a savings plan, too.

Your Horoscope This Week

This is a wonderful time for you to practice asserting yourself in ways that ordinarily you're uncomfortable with. Things to do this week include doing a makeover, job hunting, going out and dating, having fun with friends, making plans for the holidays and putting yourself first.

Scorpio, there are several personal planets in your house of hidden enemies but this doesn't necessarily mean something bad will happen to you. It could mean that you're ready to make some changes in your life that are important for the future.

Gemini Today

Next week, your ruling planet, Pluto will station direct, so the intensity you feel inside will start to lessen and give you insight into what you want and need. Things to do this week include assessing your friendships and personal goals. Make sure they align with your values. Sagittarius, luck is here for you but it may move you towards some important career goals making it necessary to reshift your priorities. The friends that work in the same field as you will definitely be there to give you any supportive aid that you need, but other things might have to go on the back burner so you can attend to business matters.

Things to do this week include letting people who have been there for you know you appreciate them and celebrating your victories with friends and family. Capricorn, with Saturn now direct, it can feel as though you're getting the much-needed break you've wanted but seemed to never be able to reach.

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This month not only do you get a personal win, but you also have some benefit in your career sector where you could get recognized for your efforts, win favor from a person in authority. Things to do this week include brushing up your resume, putting on the 9s when you go to work, being ready for anything that involves advancing your career or putting your feelers out there for opportunities in the field you want to grow in. Aquarius, learn and grow, but your wisdom can get in the way at times with the idea of conformity.

You might start to formulate opinions about presidential candidates and who you want to show support. There can be something that makes you want to get involved in causes that you care about. You may start to sense that you are ready to make some serious personal sacrifices to help support those less fortunate than yourself.

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Things to do this week include looking at what's going on in the world and perhaps volunteering at an animal shelter or any non-profit organization you strongly support. Pisces, you can feel supercharged in the area of your love life or if you're still single have a strong desire to not be this month. You might be looking for relationships that give and take. If you feel taken advantage of, you'll pull back due to disappointment. October 8, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist.

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