Horoscope of 21 january

Professional achievement and social status are therefore high on the agenda — but so, as it happens, is romantic happiness.

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Some of your closest emotional ties may be put to the test, but perhaps not until the end of the week. Right now, I should imagine that money is the biggest thing on your mind. This should be a fairly smooth phase for most Capricorns, although those of you getting over relationship upsets will still be wound up in an emotional tangle. You have often been underestimated — too often! Little do other people realise just how much you have up your sleeve and how many irons you have in the fire.

Your January 21, Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Aquarius Season Has Officially Begun

From now, and over the next few months, you will have an increasing number of opportunities to display your skills. Lunar alignments suggest a busy day but also reveal that your attitude to work will be shaped by your emotions. Their abilities and life position make them ideal to be a manager or leader of associations or even society. They act incredibly fast and go straight towards their goal. They are also gifted with ability to concentrate, but they can still be far from achieving their goals and satisfying their ambition.

Their mind, although very clever, has tendencies for pessimism and looking for bad sides in everything.

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Their flaws — lack of faith in themselves and egoism. They sometimes talk too much, exaggerating their cares and troubles. They are not quick to explode with anger. But when their rights or business are disrupted, they react passionately and can fierce in their threats. Everything in their life depends on the environment they were born into and their heritage — for they blindly follow the inherited impulses and for the most part are unable to adapt to others or show the needed discretion.

What keeps your heart safe, Cancer? The eclipse helps you find your beliefs on confidence, income, and places that make you feel safe. Mercury enters your intimacy sector on Thursday, allowing for sexy dialogue and meaningful mental chemistry over the next three weeks! Rise and roar, Leo!

This eclipse shines for you. A powerful reset or change of heart inspires your courage and confidence to sparkle, so show the world—especially your romantic partners—what royalty looks like. Mercury enters your love zone, inspiring opposites-attract style chemistry, compromise, and date nights for weeks. Mercury enters your mental, emotional, and physical health zones on Thursday, inspiring you to get in tip-top shape on all personal-growth fronts.

Your daily horoscope: January 21

You put the commune in community, Libra! No one facilitates friendship and group dynamics quite like you, and the eclipse is giving you the opportunity to grace us with your social skills and leadership. Mercury inspires new ways of thinking about confidence, creativity, and open-heartedness—lean into all three for magical results. Rise and shine, Scorpio! The eclipse supercharges your career zone to magnetize professional opportunities and success.

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  • Adieu, Centaur! The eclipse flies you to far corners of the world or educational spaces. Mercury joins your communication sector on Thursday, giving you divine inspiration, eloquence, and sharp thinking throughout the adventure.