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Also after sex, Pisces is very considerate and caring. To Pisces, sex is an opportunity to make the partner pleased and happy, sort of like baking a birthday cake — and making sure it has all the ingredients the partner prefers.

Pisces Compatibility with Other Signs

That also makes Pisces quite satisfied. Each Pisces has had that experience with a partner, probably more than once. Still, Pisces tends to internalize the blame for it. When a truly reciprocal partner comes along, though, Pisces is in heaven. They will have plenty of blissful times together, and by their mutual sensitivity to the needs of the other, it will just get better and better. They never want it to end.

Pisces is not the one to seduce or take the initiative, but the willingness and openness can make it seem so. Otherwise, the regular stuff is fine, too.

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The sex act is to Pisces really and essentially the joining of two souls, along with their bodies. But the bodies are just the tools. What should follow after it is a sweet kind of intoxication, where both are happily dizzy, as if hovering weightless in space. Sex can be healing, too. Yes, sex with Pisces can be deeply satisfying, although not always to Pisces, if the partner forgets that part of the deal. It happens easily. The most basic component of your horoscope is your star sign, which is the Zodiac sign the sun occupied at the time of your birth.

The above text about your sexuality is based on that.

You have to check your complete horoscope chart to get the full picture of your sexuality according to astrology. Still, your star sign gives some clues to your sexual habits and preferences. Here are links to all the twelve Zodiac signs and what astrology reveals about their sexuality traits. English name: The Ram. Out of their need to find the dream they are looking for, they tend to idealize partners, and are often exploited with no awareness of the consequences of their ended romantic relationships, sometimes even for years.

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This is not someone you will hire to do your boring daily paperwork for you, but someone to bring new, fresh, creative and imaginative energy into a team or a project at hand. They blossom in artistic careers, and become great in psychology, medicine, and all areas that require extensive curiosity and a search for the cause to believe in.

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Imaginative as someone who rules the world of dreams and imagination — these are the people responsible for all of our talents and the root of our creativity. Sensitive for this is a sign that rules our aura, our boundary with the outside world, and vibrate in the finest frequencies recognizing the tiniest emotions of those around them. Selfless as one of the signs ruled by Jupiter, these people seem to be prepared to share the love with the rest of the world and give everyone a piece of their soul just to make them happier.

Escapist for this world is too rough and aggressive for their sensitive nature. They feel like they cannot handle so many negative situations, and lack the energy and bravery to confront people or circumstances that trouble them. This is not someone you can expect to be punctual, specific, or down to earth at all times. Weak-willed simply because they are not always sure who they are. It is easy to affect them when they get into the weak state of self-examination, especially if they are surrounded by those who force opinions and teach others on matters of right and wrong.

There is no magical solution to understand a Pisces representative, however hard you try.

All About Pisces – The Pisces Sign

The main thing to keep in mind here is their need for love and tenderness, for they will go far to find them, no matter who they hurt along the way. If they are detached and distant, this is a simple consequence of fear and sensitivity. The world is a tricky place if you have so much to give and share with others, but not enough energy to regenerate and come back to life after everything you give away.

You can be the one that goes with the flow, even if it's destructive.

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  • There are many sad tales of naive or trusting waifs, and perhaps some of them are Pisces Rising. You've got compassion for even the 'dark' souls among us; if you're not careful, you can put yourself in harm's way. Luckily, you're intuitive, and can use that to stay safe, but only if you heed it. When you're tuned in to how you feel, around a person or in a certain situation, you gain confidence in using that inner radar as a guide.

    It's easy for you to be overwhelmed. That's why it's good for the soul to be alone, and wring out the emotions.

    Pisces traits

    You can be a self-sacrificing friend, but it pays to take care of yourself first. You run into trouble when you're struggling with addiction, or fall in with bad company. This clouds your thinking and can create a cascade of bad decisions that build on each other. On the other hand, you can trigger a protective response in others, and attract guardian figures. The lost child aspect of your personality sometimes brings saviors, that help you find your way.

    Indeed, you are someone who benefits from a caring, guiding hand.