Shamanic astrology chart

I can help in understanding what parts of your chart will be triggered at various locations.

Weekly Shamanic Astrology

I can add this as part of your reading for a nominal charge or even do a reading solely focused on astrolocation. Please contact me ahead of time for more information about this process and how it can benefit you. Shamanic Astrology is a powerful tool, but it is one tool among many single people or partners can use. Please use the links provided above to pre-pay through Square.

Shamanic Astrology Readings.

Soul of the Planets

Astrolocation Readings. Shamanic Astrology Classes. There are 4 parts to a reading: 1 Your lineage or what skills you mastered born into this world. Astrolocation: Shamanic Astrology can be used to provide guidance as to the astrological energies at locations across the globe.

Ep 013 - [SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY] How to Connect with the Planets to Get the Support You Need

Please contact me should you have any questions at inspiralnexus gmail. All of the descriptions will be based on the paradigm of Shamanic Astrology as originally created by Daniel Giamario from the s.

During this 2-day weekend class, I will refer to your charts as examples so each participant can better understand and incorporate the material into their life. Shamanic Astrology Readings.

Shamanic Astrology ~ The Life Changer

Astrolocation Readings. Shamanic Astrology Classes. For example Aries is masculine and Cardinal, and women born under this sign can sometimes be misconstrued as being overly dominant or assertive. The Shamanic system empowers the Aries woman as an Amazon goddess, and offers male and female interpretations for all the zodiac signs.

What's Your Shamanic Zodiac Sign? - North Atlantic Books

This means that there are 24 gods and goddesses in total, across the twelve zodiac signs. They do however perform rituals, for example ceremonies when Venus is conjunct the Moon, and this strain of astrology really encourages the individual to get in tune with the energies of earth and natures rhythms.

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The wonderful thing about astrology is that concepts and theories all feed our understanding of interpretation. I learnt a lot in the short time I had with Daniel, and only hope I get to meet him again in the future — preferably at his Hawaiian school!


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