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Don't blame housing. Trio wins Nobel for work on lithium ion batteries. Clinton responds to Trump urging her to run again. Meghan McCain gushes about her conservative husband. No, Betsy DeVos is not going to jail. No answers 2 years after student vanishes -- a case in epidemic in Native communities. Meet the woman who had a singleton, twins and then triplets. Dow futures jump points on a report China is open to a partial US trade deal. Drake fires back at father's claims that he lied to 'sell records'.

Iran's Rouhani urges Turkey to avoid military action in Syria. Millennial saves Chevrolet Corvette from decade of neglect. House Dems call WH letter 'garbage'. Britney Spears alters her workout routine — and shows the results. The biggest mistake you can make when buying vanilla. Vietnam vet escapes house fire thanks to rescue dog waking him.

His Victims Were Vulnerable and Overlooked. Trump's fast-tracking of oil pipelines hits legal roadblocks. Jones not basing Prescott's value on recent play, but he should be. Already under siege, labor unions face a new threat from Alaska.

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See Meghan Markle react to trying on flower crown filters. US bans travel by Chinese officials tied to Muslim abuses. Motorhome of the future drives as you relax, eat, and sleep. Read More. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Found the story interesting? Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. This is just political moral corruption to the nth degree by the USA and this is not limited to Trump, it has been going on for decades, if not over a century.

With Trump in the White House, it can even be argued that the snail as currently accelerating backwards, but this aberrant behavior can only last a small time. Fortunately, the astro tide in the medium and long term is heading in the forward direction. Trump and his followers cannot stop the Age of Aquarius. Currently the world is in the same astrological configuration as the Invasion of Iraq. In the previous Cancer micro-age — were 12 nano-ages, and the Aries nano-age and overflow Aug — Nov — Jan included the invasion of Iraq from 20 March to 1 May The current Aries nano-age and overflow Mar — June — Sep is in the Gemini micro-age — The bad news is that when Aries is prominent, war, discord and conflict is always at a higher level.

With June the apex of the current Aries period, it is unfortunately associated with what seems like a growing spate of terrorist attacks around the world. The intensity of Aries is at its strongest level from June until February and so we must expect more terrorism at a much higher level than normal for the next 8 months. There is a silver lining so far for the current increase in terrorist attacks. Usually these Aries nano-ages bring a regional war where instead of the dead in each attack in the single or double digits, in the last two Aries periods, it was in the tens and hundreds of thousands associated with the two Gulf Wars.

If the West wants to set an example, it must stop killing other people to further their economic, military or religious biases as a starting point. Currently the USA is bombing civilians in Mosul, Iraq — this is merely collateral damage from the western perspective. Unfortunately, this will remain the degraded international socio-political reality for some decades to come, but even now, the light at the end of the tunnel can be glimpsed.


Shock and horror, how can this many people turn their back on the modern capitalist dream as promoted by Fox News? Corbin, like Sanders in the USA in , expressed basically the same progressive political and economic policies intended to reign in extreme capitalism and promote socialist ideals for the benefit of the less wealthy half of society. Socio-political change is slow, but interestingly, as of June , the current Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow Dec — Dec — Nov has just changed from first to second gear stepping up the intensity of Aquarius in the world.

We can expect further movement towards the progressive future for the rest of this Aquarius micro-age decan and overflow, especially in the period Dec to Jun when it shifts into third gear. We can also expect growing strident opposition from reactionary political forces such as Trump, le Pen and conservative populace politicians everywhere. Which direction each country veers depends upon their evolutionary stage. Immature democracies tend towards the fascist disctatorial conservative end such as the Philippines under President Duterte. The fact that the current Aquarius period sits under the shadow of the larger Cancer micro-age overflow — places the focus firmly but not exclusively upon the Cancer aligned Middle East.

To the average western person, the above kind of perspective is outside their scope of understanding even though it is expressed overly simplified in this article. This is why a significant proportion of western society can be attracted to knee-jerk populace policies which can breed further antagonism that further feed the discontented urban terrorists in their midst.

While the blind lead the blind, the world we live in will remain as it is and has been for the last thousands of years. In conclusion, for the rest of at least, we will experience more violence and conflict under Aries than what was previously considered normal, but it is very possible that this round of Aries may avoid a significant size regional war and focus upon urban terrorism instead?

It is still early days for Aries, and based on the immaturity of too many world leaders, a mid-level conflict may still erupt. While the short term future looks bleak, the medium to long term future shines in comparison. I am pleased to announce the first publication of my new research on the astrological ages is available for download from:. My major research on the astrological ages was published in [1] with the focus upon astrological ages of the Holocene Epoch commencing with the Cancer Age — BC. My original plan in was to also include sub-ages, but at pages, I dropped sub-ages as apart from probably doubling the size of the book, it also may have delayed publication by at least two years.

I have been researching and writing about sub-ages and sub-age decans for around the last two years in fits and starts and have come to realize that while the conclusion to the research and publication of the book of sub-ages is highly desirable, it is another marathon multi-year project. Therefore, I have decided to break the sub-age project into bite-size pieces and progressively make this research available as each part reaches draft status. Instead of writing a book on sub-ages, I will write four books, one each on the sub-ages of the same element.

My first book will be fire sub-ages Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and the plan is to then follow through with earth sub-ages, air sub-ages and conclude with water sub-ages. This arrangement only came into focus after writing about the Aries sub-ages, and then discovering that I had to cover the same ground when researching Leo sub-ages and Sagittarius sub-ages.

This is because each Aries sub-age also includes a Leo and Sagittarius sub-age decan, each Leo sub-age includes Aries and Sagittarius sub-age decans while each Sagittarius sub-age includes Aries and Leo decans. In reality, all signs of the same element work together in sub-ages and their decans and to isolate sub-ages to their primary sign only does not accurately portray how their energies synthesize to produce the most accurate correlation to the historical events and unfolding current events.

The major difference between what I am making freely available now and what ultimately will be published is that I am only focusing upon sub-ages, and apart from a passing reference to sub-age decans, these will be ignored at this point of time.

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This will also simplify the process for the average astrologer who, by and large, is floundering at the concept of the Age of Aquarius arriving in the 15 th century, let alone dealing with sub-ages. Sub-age decans just may be one step too far and too fast. Another reason I plan to publish my research on sub-ages and sub-age decans in a piecemeal fashion is due to the current sub-age decan.

The Gemini sub-age decan — is great for fake news, social media, handheld phones and devices, the growth of cities but on the other side of the coin sits short term attention spans and a lack of focus upon serious reading. The following is a summary only of the material available in the attached Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

My sub-age research commences with the arrival of the Aries age in BC as historical accuracy before this time is far too vague. However, I do seek out some vestiges of sub-ages before the arrival of the Aries age in BC. Since BC, there have only been two Aries sub-ages, and despite the fact that about 2, years separate these two Aries sub-ages, a common theme is experienced from both.

The following is a summary only of the attached file which provides a detailed analysis of these two Aries sub-ages. A number of diverse archetypes are associated with Aries but with a common underlying theme — raw energy. This raw energy is readily seen in the combination of military leaders and massive warfare on the one side, and cultural florescence on the other.

Into this mix can be added new breakthroughs or the beginning of something plus major and significant engineering feats. Basically Aries wants to do something — if this involves building the biggest tower, creating a city with all the trappings such as a library, gardens etc. Behind nearly everything associated with Aries is this desire to collectively roll up the sleeves of the society, conquer as much territory as possible, build one or more grand cities, plumb new depths in engineering and plunge forth intellectually with vigor whenever conditions are suitable.

Usually this is through being a great military leader, but as the fortunes of the Aries age and overflow waned, people became respected for other reasons, especially for religious reasons as the Pisces age and overflow picked up speed from around AD onward with the arrival of the Pisces quasi age. Aries on one extreme is a pure bully. Assyrian rulers delighted in hunting and this probably accounted for the extinction of the Mesopotamian lion which they slaughtered in large numbers.

The Assyrians were especially interested in astronomy and astrology. One Assyrian king established the famous library at Nineveh with 30, clay tablets organized by shape but were separated by content into different rooms. However, by the end of this Aries period, Assyria had disappeared from sight. The power vacuum caused by the fall of Assyria allowed a Babylonian renaissance culminating in the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the capturing Jerusalem in BC.

The Etruscans in the Italian peninsula also did well under Aries, and so the sign Aries was focused upon Rome from the very beginning, not only by its formation in this Aries period, but also by the influence from the Aries-orientated Etruscans and Greek. The founding of Carthage also made it an Aries city-state, but with Aries a competitive sign, ultimately it was either Rome or Carthage — the stakes are high under Aries! Classical Antiquity, also known as the Classical Era, Classical period or Classical Age, [4] aligns itself exactly to the first half of the Pisces age. The second half of the Pisces age is aligned to the Medieval period.

Will bring the world to the post-apocalyptic age so well portrayed in many Hollywood movies? This Aries period coincided with the beginning of the Pisces quasi age-decan Pisces archetypes therefore experienced a promotion and this is what we see also at this time in history — a Pisces religious leader becoming a war monger. Only the Pisces religious pope had the ability to call Europe to arms as European secular powers were divided and at loggerheads with each other.

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  • The default unification of Europe in fighting a common enemy confirms not only the major Pisces rulership of Europe, but also the secondary rulership by Aries. The Crusades commenced within 30 years of the arrival of the Aries sub-age and overflow — — AD but concluded in , about 40 years past the end of the Aries sub-age proper. Aries is like a sky rocket, it goes up with a lot of fanfare but quickly comes back to earth with a thud. Though wars appear to disfavor the aggressors, and this certainly happened to the Europeans in the failed Crusades, it did begin something else that had far reaching consequences.

    All of a sudden backward Europeans gained first-hand knowledge of the majesty of the Byzantine Empire and Islamic Middle East. The introduction of their greater knowledge and culture ultimately turned Europe from a backward atavistic society to conquer nearly all other societies in the world.

    Aires always wants to fight! Genghis Khan delayed his birth to the very beginning of the more potent Aries quasi sub-age The Mongols tribes were like Europeans, always fighting among themselves, but Genghis Khan was able to meld the warring tribes into one large fighting force the likes the world had never experienced previously or since. This alignment to the Aries quasi sub-age is mimicked by Saladin — the warrior of note and military foe of Richard the Lionheart. After the death of Genghis Khan the Mongol Horde continued the momentum and conquered China, central Eurasia, much of Russia and almost Venice in The Mongol dynasty in China fell only three decades past the end of the Aries quasi sub-age in The Mongols conquered more of Eurasia and killed a greater percentage of people than any time before or after making the Mongol Horde an Aries exemplar.

    The Mongols also spread the widespread use of gunpowder and very quickly the Europeans, Muslims and Indians were employing canons and firearms — items always fondly caressed by Aries. This Aries period saw the beginning of the end of the Eastern Roman Empire. Like the sunset period of the Western Roman Empire, the power in the Eastern Roman Empire commenced to be vested in provincial military families. This dynasty fell with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in , only 20 years past the end of the Aries sub-age overflow and Pisces age.

    The two Aries sub-ages examined have been located in the Aries age and overflow BC — BC — AD and all these sub-ages and sub-age decans since the Aries sub-age and overflow — — BC have been the critical periods in the rise and fall of Ancient Rome. Just past the end of the Aries sub-age and overflow — — AD the last vestige of Ancient Rome collapsed with the fall of Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, to the Muslim invaders.

    Ancient Rome was book-ended by two Aries sub-ages. The Aries sub-age and overflow — — AD saw, in allegorical terms, the handing of the baton from Ancient Rome to modern Europe. The European resurgence was firstly most noticeable in Italy with the rise of powerful and rich trading states such as Venice. This baton-passing act only temporarily involved Italy, and very quickly it left the Italian peninsula and moved into Europe where the Spaniards, Portuguese, French, Germans, Dutch and Great Britain were ready to launch forth on an unsuspecting world.

    Context is everything, as each Aries sub-age or sub-age decan arrives, it must interact with whatever age, age-decan and associated quasi-periods. Any period in macro-astrology that is not a decan ends with such a sting-in-the tail and deserves an appropriate name.

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    Every age has as its second last sub-age in its age overflow period a sub-age with the same sign as itself. Taking into account the sub-age overflow, this means that every age-wave finishes with a bang. It is the conclusion to the story. Britain entered another major phase of self-government with the withdrawal of Roman troops in the Aries sub-age decan and overflow — — AD.

    Finally in the Aries sub-age decan and overflow the British Empire became temporarily the foremost military power in the world due to its successes in the Second Hundred Years War. Appropriately, Great Britain was eclipsed in the Scorpio sub-age — with Scorpio sitting in the 8 th house of death and vulnerability to Aries. Aries is a significant sign for Great Britain. Is it full steam astern for the USA? Has the USA changed into reverse gear and is accelerating backwards?

    Is this a beneficial turn of events? My observation is that that prime factor that defines the international geopolitical situation is the 59 year sub-age decans. Each astrological age of some years each has 12 sub-ages of years each. Each of these sub-ages have three decans of approximately 59 years each. These 59 years sub-age decans appear to define the geo-political reality in the world. For example the bi-polar signs of Gemini, Libra and Pisces enhance global political dualities.

    The recent Pisces sub-age decan overflow — , apart from promoting the Pisces USA as the world superpower, also coincided with the rise of bureaucratic communism and its inevitable clash with capitalism until communism basically left the field of battle when the USSR imploded in The current Scorpio sub-age decan overflow — is a mono-sign and so does not enhance polarities — especially in the first half of its reign. The next sub-age decan overflow is the polar sign of Gemini a dual-bodied sign with its full effect expected from to but flexing its muscles since The world is now gearing up to this new geopolitical reality.