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People born on this day tend to have a rather negative image of themselves, and this can make them prone to stress and depression. Boosting their selfesteem is therefore absolutely crucial to both their physical and emotional health.

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The place to start is in their heads, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques may be able to help them reprogram their thoughts from negative to positive. Spending more time with people who are upbeat and optimistic, and avoiding those who are glum and self-involved, will also help, as will a diet rich in fresh, natural produce and low in refined or processed foods. Regular moderate to vigorous exercise is also highly recommended for its mood-boosting and health-boosting effects, as well as for building up discipline and will-power.

People born on this day may be drawn to careers in science, research or technology where they can be potential innovators, as well as the world of art, music and literature, where they can excel as writers. Once they believe more in themselves, other career options might include business, teaching, lecturing, politics, and the world of entertainment. The life path of people born on this day is to learn to believe in themselves and their creativity more.

Once they are able to discover their sense of purpose, their destiny is to achieve or point the way to tangible progress on behalf of themselves and others.

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Reveal your secret talents with a numerological portrait. Embrace it! A new moon on November 18 suggests that the next month is going to be smooth sailing—again, in order to take advantage, a little prep work is in order. Know what you want, do some legwork, and be prepared to burn the midnight oil. What color is your aura, and where is it leading you? Ask the Chakra Tarot…. On the seventh, Venus enters Scorpio. This move means that love is in the air, and romance is a big focus for you.

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You may find stirrings of something big happening, and by the eighteenth, a potential relationship opportunity will manifest itself. Expect a revelation around this time, which, even though it could be surprising or momentarily through you off kilter, will actually be really positive. Looking for love? Acts of kindness and generosity will boomerang that giving spirit right back to you.

Mid-month, the new moon ignites your ambition, and you may find yourself being asked to amp up your responsibilities at work, consider another job, or do another sort of career pivot. On November 27, a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn may connect some major dots that have been recurring throughout the year. Maybe a friend will introduce you to a coworker who just might make a great romantic partner.

Be open, and look for coincidences to help lead the way to where you need to be. Standout Days: 5, 17, 25 Challenging Days: 1, And remember: Sometimes last-minute plans turn out to be the most fun. Weird but true!

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And at the end of the month, your past comes back into your present. You may even find yourself settling an ancient argument with an old friend. Love is important to this Scorpio birthday. It controls how you perform personally and professionally. If your love life is good, then chances are you are happy. However, if you and your partner are not in a good place, then you are likely to have a foul mood at work as well.

Try to do better, leave your personal life at home when you come to work. Likewise, when someone is upset at the workplace, you tend to feel their mental pain.

Scorpio-Sagittarus "Cusp of Revolution" (November 18-24)

Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Sometimes, it can be hard for you to give up something that may have an emotional attachment with. Some of those ties have a heavy bearing on your decisions in life. Although you may be serious, you have a lighter side that is witty. Future of person who born on 18 November shows you are likely powerful individuals. You, on the other hand, may have a dark side as well. If at all possible, you try to avoid conflicts and strife. You have a sense of where you are going in life. This could only lead to the destruction of a well deserved good reputation.

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But to push this Scorpion into a corner would not be a wise decision. You can be creative people when it comes to revenge. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! As far as friends go, you try to be selective and are suspicious of people that kiss up to others, or of people that are overly happy and of people who engage in gossip. However, you will find someone who feels like you and will happily share your ideas with that person. The bottom line is this, you want someone with the same qualities and confidence as you.