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On December 1, Mercury will reenter Scorpio, which will find you reconnecting with long lost friends, people from your early childhood, and family members, too. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will be a nostalgic and emotional time for you. On December 2, Venus will also enter Scorpio, which will bring pleasant energy to the home and family sector of your chart.

This is a marvelous time to redecorate and make your space as cozy and inviting as possible. Again, Sagittarius season has you in the mood to party, even though Mercury retrograde is creating traffic jams—with Venus in Scorpio, you may as well stay home and invite your friends and loved ones to come over and enjoy the comfy vibe with you!

Neptune is the planet of delusion, and things are not what they seem right now, so avoid jumping to the worst conclusions when you don't have all the information. Issues around communication will begin to clear up as Mercury ends its retrograde on December 6, and things will really start moving along when Mercury reenters fellow fire sign Sagittarius on December A hurdle for many of us this month will be the new moon in Sagittarius on December 7—while it will bring you love, creative inspiration, and some fantastic new opportunities, it also comes with a meeting of Mars and Neptune, which will activate a very sensitive and borderline insecure sector of your chart.

You have managed to maintain your cool so far, and you must continue to do so. Today you may find a surprising development in your house of finance in that money comes to you via a colleague and your business really flourishes. Perhaps you are in business with a relative and that person brings in a valuable new account.

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You can thank them for their contribution today, as their good luck has been lucky for you as well! You are sure to make good profits today. Lay off those naughty snack foods and high cholesterol foods. Reach for a piece of fresh fruit as this is a day to focus on good health. Your focus will turns towards healthy lifestyles and habits, so take this time to develop positive eating habits and get some fresh air and exercise; you will see the positive results!

Financially, this is a great week for Leo natives. Relationships with relatives which may previously have been rusty will improve. You are drawn to travel and will enjoy the experiences and memories you make.

Leo Weekly Horoscope from 22nd April - 29th April

You may rekindle a former friendship or love affair and this time, it may be more meaningful in your life as you have matured and developed as people. Take care of the little things to do with your health and keep a watchful eye on your skin. You will seek advice from a good friend regarding a relationship problem. This is not a good time to give up on your relationship so handle the issue with great care. Misunderstandings and miscommunications are bound to occur if you do things in haste this week.

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This is not the best of times to get into a new relationship. Problems in your love life will be sorted out by the end of this week. This week you will be experiencing some positive changes in your life.

You will see growth in your career. Any new contacts you made in the past few days will prove beneficial to you. You will receive promotions and perks. For those in business, they will be able to clinch deals that have been pending for so long. Any issue related with your work will be resolved this week. Those who are involved in running an educational institution will see an unexpected increase in their income this week.

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This may even encourage you to expand your current institute or open branches in other cities. Avoid investing in shares this week as you could run a huge risk of losing money. If you have been looking to apply for a loan this is the right time to go ahead with it. This week you need to take special care of your health especially if you are worried about gaining weight. You need to get an exercise regime into place before it is too late.

Try modifying your eating habits and also join a gym or go for walks. Youngsters worried about their skin problems will need to take it easy on junk food and aerated drinks. Avoid self-medication if you suffer from a skin problem and consult an expert. There may be numerous auspicious events for you to enjoy.

On the 17th, the sun moves into Libra and you will experience a socially active month, spending plenty of time with friends and travelling.

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You embrace a sense of fun. There is a thread of excitement running through your life that encourages you to reach out and live life to the full, like the metaphorical lioness stalking the jungle.

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Mercury in Libra enables you to dazzle with your communicative abilities which are both bold and precise, a winning combination. Tension requires you to balance both. On the 4th, Venus moves into Libra which fortifies new, fun friendships. Venus in Libra encourages short trips, buoyancy and fun.