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You were born to make money. Two simple recommendation will help you successfully deal this task. First, make sure your ambitions never exceed your actual capabilities, do not take part in affairs you know little about. Failure will be a heavy blow to your ego. And secondly, avoid the temptation of using your position to exercise power over people who depend on you, putting pressure on them and infringing their rights. Otherwise people will simply hate you. All aspects of your life are secondary to the interests of the business you are involved in — this is the way you are.

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And personal relationships are no exception. Your partner will have to grin and bear, which won't be that difficult, though, especially if you are bound together by the true mutual feelings. On the other hand, your family's needs can become the best stimulus for business activity. If success at work will be identified in your mind with the well-being of your nearest and dearest, no conflict of interest shall remain.

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For you, this is the most straight-forward of all the existing ways to harmony between personal and business life. What should be added? What would you like to see on this page? It is very important for us to know what you think.

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To get a complete picture we recommend reading the pages sequentially from the first to the last. One can live a whole interesting, bright, eventful life in just one year and change their own future, as a result. Or just sleep it away going with the flow, reacting to nothing.

Having an inherent talent and not making use of it is almost the same as if you had a vintage car and never bothered to obtain a driving license.

Each particular personality trait, determined by the number of digits in the corresponding Psychomatrix cell, can be reinforced or weakened. Even a single Number of this kind may have such a strong influence, that it would fully neutralize several personality traits that you are born with.

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Log In. Sign Up. Home Birthday meanings Birthday number Birthday Number 17 The Numerology meaning of the 17 birthday Birth Day Number 17 implies creative approach to business, strength, confidence and ambition. Rating: 5. Birth Day Number 17 potentials Your ability to foresee the perspective of any situation allows you to plan your actions in all spheres of life in such a way as to maximize your chances for success.

Optimal growth area for professional development If speaking about occupations, you are a typical manager, coordinator, administrator. Influence of Birth Day Number 17 on the choice of partner and family life All aspects of your life are secondary to the interests of the business you are involved in — this is the way you are. Have you failed to find the desired information? Inform us! Send a message. Cut a circle in the center of the cake we recommend using a glass or a really big cookie cutter.

Remove the middle, and then slice the lower left quarter. We made little clouds with jumbo and not-so-jumbo marshmallows. Slice one bundt cake in half and slice the top left quarter out of the other one. Save your scraps. Place the halve one on top of the quartered one. Cut the cake into three slices. Leave the right slice whole, then cut the middle slice in half. Cut the half in half.

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With the left slice, cut one quarter diagonally from the top and another quarter from the bottom. Discard the two diagonal quarters and one of the center middle cuts. Take the other middle cut and place it to the right of the right slice. Then move down the middle piece and connect the left piece to the top.

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Use the middle piece to connect the bottom of the left piece to the near bottom of the right piece. To make a uni-four-n, we piped vanilla buttercream through a round piping tip and piped little dollops all over the cake.

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Then, we added a pink and purple star tip mane, some fondant decorations, and an eyelash to make a sassy uni-four-n! Cut the square cake into three slices, cutting the middle slice in half. Discard the right slice and one of the middle pieces. T hen, use a glass to cut the middle out of the circle cake and cut out the upper right quarter. Discard both. Lower the left slice and connect it to the circle, then rotate the middle piece horizontally and connect to the left slice.

Birthday Number 17 in Numerology

We made a bourgeois dirt cake by frosting it with chocolate frosting, covering it in cake crumbs from the discarded cake pieces! Cut out the center and slice off a tiny bit of the upper left corner. Then, connect the pound cake to the cut corner. This is the easiest number.

We made a 6 stage alarm fire truck, so we covered it in red frosting, made a ladder out of pretzels, oreos for wheels, and a licorice hose! Just kidding, THIS is the easiest one! Cut into three slices, cut the middle slice in half diagonally. Discard the right slice. Flip the left slice up horizontally and connect the other two slices beneath it. To decorate the ocean, we added in swedish fish and Teddy grahams with lifesaver gummy inner tubes. To decorate the beach, we cut fruit roll ups into squares and used them as sunbathing towels for the Teddy grahams. Cut out the centers of the circle cakes, and then slice two edges.

Connect the cakes.