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Check out today's astrology prediction and find out. You will be very enterprising and industrious today. You make your plans very carefully and execute them perfectly. Despite this, your progress will be very slow. However, Ganesha advises you not to despair and showers his blessings on you. This day, you can't afford to take chances with your health, says Ganesha.

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If there is the least sign or symptom of illness, go consult a doctor straight away. As you are going to be unusually prone to injuries and infections, it is advisable that you stay at home. Overexertion is bound to weaken you and affect your physical condition. If physical work is unavoidable, stick to light and effortless things.

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You will be in a spot of bother owing to financial problems today. You will try to reduce your expenses and increase your savings, but circumstances will be such that you will have to spend your money. You will spend your day in all this financial jugglery, says Ganesha. You may have a way with words, but women somehow always have their way with you. Your problem is that while you may use your words to pull some strings, the master puppeteer, in most cases, will be a woman. So, to keep yourself happy, you may have to make the concerned woman happy.

Decisions taken in haste will prove to be harmful. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of every decision that you take today, considering all the possible alternative thoroughly. You need to be extremely industrious on the work-front as well. You will feel very energetic and raring to go. However, you will run out of energy at the end of the day, says Ganesha.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

You will find your banal day-to-day routine work to be very irritating today, says Ganesha. Avoid the tendency to exaggerate things out of proportion. You will not, however, let anything impact on your enthusiasm to work. You will do something novel to win the appreciation of people.

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That's because Ganesha feels the tingle in your bones to want to stick to your preferred subject matter. This will help you achieve good progress in your research. Also, expect to be hit by a wave of nostalgia, as loving memories from the past sweeten your heart. Keep your eyes open, for, you are likely to find someone special with whom you will share your innermost feelings, says Ganesha. You shall groom yourself all prim and proper today.

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The thought of how you look dominates your mind today. You are likely to capture the imagination of people — both at work and at social gathering. Cash will exit left, right and centre from your pockets on account of fun and entertainment. You take the path of spirituality for the peace of mind and to stay away from the daily humdrum of life.

Good things are coming your way. You are unlikely to get disappointed with whatever you dip your toes into. Romance and social meetings grab most of your time, leaving work matters neglected. Career : You could enter into new professional enterprises You will come into contact with people from far-off places.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope - Aquarius Horoscope Today

Travelling will be very useful. Love : This period is also very good as far as love life is concerned. There will be lot of support from your friends and well-wishers and the attitude of family members will be very nice towards you.

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October If your Birthday is coming, it's the right time to request a Birthday Horoscope Your one Year forecast awaits you! Read all about Aquarius Horoscope Brought into the world under the theoretical and helpful Aquarius Moon Sign, you are probably going to be an interesting and to some degree dynamic person.

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There might be something about you that in some way or another "isolates" you from every other person. Aquarius is an Air sign, thus relates to thoughts, ideas, communications, and its concepts.

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As it identifies with the social side of life as far as the convention that guides how we connect with one another. Aquarius is likewise a Fixed Sign, which gives facets of focus, persistence, and tolerance.

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