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To down load it go here:. A lot of Fed. To my subscribers I wrote to go long when it bases itself at Have you downloaded yet my application?? I mentioned Mazor Robotics. There were Abraham, Izhak and Jacob That is what I did! Hurry up.. Spread the word! DAX: I wrote in my newsletter that the stop should be at see what happens when it breaks it. December 5, Thursday. I found my mom very anxious and nervous She woke up from an afternoon nap, and heard some loud voices in front of her window- she lives at the first floor.

After a few minutes she called me. I told her to call the house keeper, he lives at the 4th floor.. So, I am waiting to see what is going on, she calls me, saying that there was a fire in the shelter, one floor below her, and all the people were evacuated, she is down at the street, all are waiting for the fire-man, and the police..

Luckily they came real quick and nothing happened. But since then it is difficult for her to fall asleep, always thinking those stupid boys will return. She told the police all she saw. Actually, if not her, the house would have burnt down. She is over So this made me think We are gathering stuff all our life, and if something like this happens, we are left without anything. So before you buy another dress, another jewelry or a car, spend your money on studying All this happened when the Moon was in the last degrees of Sag.

Now it is in Cap. Right now it is in sextile to the Sun, still positive for the market, which is opening by the way I have to check where are my pos. Today we are ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter is at 19 degrees. Now this degree is very interesting I wrote about it in the past. Look it up! There is a search window in the blog. Mercury is just now entering Sag. In this sign it is weak.. So this should be taken in consideration. Mercury is the "pump". Watch these stocks today :. Look at Walt Disney!

Raised the dividend yesterday How long more will it rally?? To be on the safe side- stop at The Planets love me today: this is their present for me today: Netex - announcement: cooperation with Google Before running to yoga, as usually on Thursdays, watch the VIX:. December 5, Friday. We are saying good bye to Nelson Mandela. He died yesterday at the age of Why is the number so important?? Look at his natal map: the difference between Pluto and Mars is 96 degrees.

Of course, if I use the transit for yesterday, transit Neptune is at exact midpoint of his natal Sun and Mars. Neptune is the ruler of his 8th house, the house of death, and Mars of Hose 4- of endings. I always wrote, that there must be at least 7 bad positions in order that death conquers life. Here there are more! Numerologically also The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. May he rest in peace. I just got this info:. South African astrologer Anita Noyes-Smith has a friend in Mandela's office who checked for a time and found that there is no known time of birth.

Umtata is a rural area and blacks had no birth certificates. Often, they did not even know the date as it was not valued as important. SO the hour presented on the chart is incorrect. However, this does not change the transits, only the position of the Ascendant. If you downloaded my application you are getting my pushezzz :. There is one for Itunes, one for android!

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It's Friday today, no trade over here. I had a fantastic day yesterday With Netex and Babylon. I sold Netex, at the top- as the info came out, and I am still with Babylon, it has a great potential. Today we are under the spell of Venus.

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It is at 24 Cap. The Moon just tip-toed into Aquarius. Look out today of Mercury! This little devil will mix the cards up. A quick wind is making sport with the sea; through sharp mist as far as sight reaches are scurrying whitecaps. I have to go now They have a graph for everything. Canada unemployment:. US average earnings I am back If you want to see how will the DOW behave, you have to follow these shares. Is a perfect day to write my forecasts It is quiet, no trade, thanks God! We have to rest.. So are we ready for the week to come??????? Are we?? Did you read all the articles, news, forecasts??

Have you looked up at the sky to see where is the Moon?? Only 3 weeks to go till New years, and Friday the 13th.. December 8, Sunday. Good morning all,. Market starts in one hour. It is raining outside. I am preparing for the day Today we are ruled by the Sun and Saturn.

Th Sun is at 16 degrees Sag. If you want to read about this star- you can look it up at the left panel of the blog- there are two or three links to Fixed stars. This one is a positive star. By tomorrow the Sun will move on, since it moves a degree per day, and the effect too will vanish. On Dec it will be on malefic stars, we have to take that in consideration Now this is very important!

Libra is the sign for harmony, mutual agreements, friendship, the sign of the 7th house of partnerships and marriages. But when mars the warrior enters, it shuffles all the cards, and in spite of being in its detriment, weak in this sign, it is enough for the Libras to feel anxiety, an unexplained inner turmoil, a restlessness. Often Libras divorce under this pressure. You must remember, that like everything in life, this too will pass!

Although not so fast, because Mars will take a step back and turn retrograde, and be here for a loooong time, -till July 25, but not too long, what you cannot bear. Where is Mars in your natal chart?

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Where in the transit - there look for its meaning! For the USA chart for example, on Jan. On the same day it will make a minor positive angle to Obama's Mars. On Jan. Certainly it will be worth while listening to the news. During the same week Mars will conjunct Kate Middleton's Mars.. What is going on in the royal family?? In the same time transit Mars will conjunct Putin's 4 planets in Libra! It gets more and more interesting Some local shares: Babylon! Ofko is a buy - but the volume is very low I nsuline - No. Bought at Looking back to l ast week: here is the carpet: green runners, red, losers:.

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  • AEX : for my Dutch readers: it is feeling blue It should open above in order to rally again I think this one too will- SO keep your stops really close! I am closing my positions, taking money out of the market. One does not have to be at the exact top! Dow Brazil : for people who downloaded my application from Brazil : - stop and we are long. Till then, just a try. December 9, Monday. Good morning all.

    What a powerful opening in the East!! No, not really The fact is, that when Mercury makes a positive angle to Uranus, it makes the markets jump. It would take a bigger force than Mercury to move it higher! By the way, have you downloaded my application yet?? Since the morning nothing much happens. I sent a few notifications of trades I made in the local market. All are waiting for the US to open.

    It looks green now, but in 4 hours the Moon will 90 the Sun, so that will be a push. No announcements today Having lunch in the meanwhile, bon apetit. Those who downloaded the application can send me mails, you know??!! Watch these stocks on these dates!!! For students who took my course, will understand this time table for NY:.

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    December 10, Tuesday. On Mondays we close one hour after USA opens, so the actual action for us- and for the rest of the world starts today. Is it a coincidence that this day is ruled by Mars?? Mars is our pump of energy Today it is at 1Lib It is in detriment, or weak in this sign. IN it's journey in Libra it will meet with all the planets.

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