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This is a couple who must constantly strive to balance independence with intimacy and make sure they have time together. Interestingly, this is a rare combo that can survive and even thrive in a long-distance relationship. A Leo will definitely catch a Sagittarius' eye, and this is likely to be a playful, enthusiastic, and sexually charged match. They are both optimistic, generous, carefree, enthusiastic, and like to party hard and live life to the fullest.

However, this couple is also playing with fire. On the negative side, both can be impatient and have bad tempers. Plus, Leo can be controlling and jealous when not the center of attention, and of course Sagittarius is always attractive to and innocently playful with the opposite sex. Leo is a stubborn fixed sign and feels a strong sense of we "belong" to each other when in a relationship. While mutable Sagittarius can't tolerate being tied down by a possessive lover. Leo's jealous, controlling nature strikes the one strong note of potential discord in what would otherwise be a harmonious relationship.

Take the adventurous, idealistic, optimistic, spontaneous, open-minded, and good humored nature of one Sagittarian and double it.

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When two free spirited, happy souls come together, you can bet they'll have plenty of stories and laughs to share. What it lacks in emotional intensity is more than made up for by great conversation and similar interests and outlooks.

Which Star Signs Should Sagittarius Date?

However, it's in the bedroom where this couple really shines. Double the fire, double the passion, and double the fun. When these two turn on the heat, both are in it for a very good time. Of course, there could also be double the carelessness, restlessness, irresponsibility, and fear of commitment.

One thing's for sure. This is a couple that will have more than a wee bit of difficulty dealing with the necessities of everyday mundane life.

Capricorn prefers to live by the rules, and Sagittarius enjoys breaking the rules. Sagittarius is about having fun, and Capricorn is about focusing on responsibilities first. Nonetheless, this is a surprising match that seems to work. Sagittarius and Capricorn have very different outlooks on life, but both are active, dedicated to doing well, appreciate learning, and look to the future. Plus in a funny way, each provides what the other needs most in life.

Sagittarius 12222 Love Horoscope

As far a sex goes, Sagittarius supplies the passion, Capricorn the sensuality, and both are very physical. Their personalities, though different in so many ways, can actually make this an offbeat yet highly successful relationship. A mismatched couple might be able to work a relationship out long term, but don't count on it. However, with Sagittarius in the mix they will be fun for as long as they last. Cancer individuals are emotionally unpredictable.

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One day they're fun, loving, and outgoing, the next melancholy and down. Sagittarius just dosen't have the patience or empathy to deal with Cancer's off and on melancholy nature. Additionally, Cancer is very sensitive, and Sagittarius is known for not mincing words. Cancer is very cautious and Sagittarius reckless. These two are both clever and intelligent, so their conversations will never be dull. Initially, Sagittarius may find this partner to be very exciting sexually but as with other areas of the relationship, this is not likely to last in the longer term.

The most significant issue these two will face is their conflicting priorities and style of life. Virgo needs to work and be productive most of the time, and Sagittarius wants to play and have fun. So, while Sagittarius might find a Virgo initially stimulating over time, Sagittarius is likely find Virgo too dull, quiet, reserved, and fussy. The sex will be great, but there's a price to be paid. This is a partner who wants exclusive rights to your body and soul. Long term, that price is too high for Sagittarius, and the whole affair can have quite a melodramatic ending.

Sagittarius tells it like it is, Pisces imagines and dreams of how it could be. Sagittarius is brash and bold, Pisces gentle and sympathetic. This match is likely to be great initially, the physical side of this relationship won't be a problem but long term, Sagittarius will find Pisces needy, too sensitive, sometimes confusing, and often depressing.

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The 12 signs of the Zodiac can be divided into both masculine and feminine, positive and negative, or active and passive. Compatibility is kind of a big deal when it comes to relationships. The only problem is you don ' t really know how compatible you are with someone until after you ' ve started dating. That ' s where your zodiac sign comes into play; it can reveal which signs you ' d fair best with and which ones you should avoid entering any long-term partnerships with, too. If you happen to be a Sagittarius , or are in love with someone who is, we ' re breaking down the most and least compatible members of the zodiac with the fire sign below:.

Like a Sagittarius, Aries is also a fire sign. This means sparks will fly in a relationship between the two. Sagittarius is a very adventurous spirit who wants to explore every inch of the globe. The only other sign that rivals their need to travel is Aries.

Which Star Signs is Sagittarius Most Compatible With? |

One thing that scares most people, when it comes to dating a Sagittarius, is their independent nature. They ' re not the best at commitment, and they need their space. Thankfully, an Aries totally gets that and won ' t feel like their relationship is in jeopardy when the duo spends quite a bit of time apart. Adding another fire sign to the mix, a Sagittarius and Leo pairing makes for one incredibly passionate couple.

Both optimistic and cheerful creatures, these two are always off doing something exciting. Their relationship will be full of fun and excitement in just about everything they do. They ' re a bit of an unpredictable duo, so you never know what they ' ll be doing from one day to the next. Yet again, these two also understand that absence makes the heart grow fonder and you don ' t need to smother your partner with love every second of the day. Both Aquarius and Sagittarius like to do their own thing. While many signs will try their best to fit in, these two were born to stand out.

Though you wouldn ' t think it, they ' re both caring individuals who just want to make the world a better place at the end of the day. You better believe that when they get together, that ' s exactly what will happen. They push one another to be the very best versions of themselves each and every day, making them quite the power couple.

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A Sagittarius is a very free-spirited, fun-loving sign. They don ' t adhere to anyone else ' s rules but their own. Virgo is the complete opposite. They ' re much more strict and analytical than a Sagittarius, choosing to follow their head over their heart. Not only that, but they have to plan out every single little detail of their life.